Bitwise/VettaFi 2024 Benchmark Survey of Financial Advisor Attitudes Toward Crypto Assets

The Bitwise crypto survey is an annual survey for the crypto industry released each January.

Bitwise/ETF Trends 2022 Benchmark Survey

The 2024 Bitwise survey revealed enhanced interest in the crypto industry from clients, but there are still concerns about regulation and price volatility. The Bitwise poll showed that a potential spot Bitcoin ETF approval could create more demand among investors than many expect.


The 2024 Crypto Survey Highlights:

Conducted in October-December 2023, the survey showed several key findings:


  • Client interest remains strong

88% of all financial advisors received a question about crypto from clients last year.

  • Almost all advisors who allocate plan to increase exposure in 2024

98% of all financial advisors who currently have an allocation to crypto in client accounts plan to either maintain or increase their exposure in 2024.

  • The size of the crypto allocation is rising

Large crypto allocations (3% or more of a portfolio) increased from 22% in 2022 to 47% in 2023.

  • Held-away assets remain a major opportunity

59% of all financial advisors said that at least some of their clients were investing in crypto on their own.

  • There is still regulatory uncertainty and concerns about volatility

64% of all financial advisors are concerned about regulatory uncertainty, and 47% about price volatility.



  • Most advisors prefer Bitcoin over Ethereum

71% of all financial advisors favor bitcoin over Ethereum (53% in 2023).

  • Most advisors don’t expect a spot bitcoin ETF in 2024

Only 39% of all financial advisors believe a spot bitcoin ETF will be approved in 2024. While 90% of Bloomberg’s ETF analysts expect a January 2024 approval.

  • The vast majority see a Bitcoin ETF approval as a major event

88% of all advisors will likely buy Bitcoin in case a spot ETF is approved.



Bitwise/VettaFi 2024 Benchmark Survey of Financial Advisor Attitudes Toward Crypto Assets

Source: (January 2024)


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