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  • Trading Signals: Live Trading Signals and Education
  • Markets: Forex, Stocks, Indices, Metals, Energy, Commodities
  • Manual Delivery: Email Alerts, Member’s Area, Private Forums
  • Subscription Cost: 97 USD annually ($8.1/monthly)

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Traders Academy Club Review

This is the review of the Traders Academy Club powered by Mr. Ribakov

The Traders Academy Club service aims to offer its members highly accurate Forex live Signals plus a great deal of other learning and trading material. The man behind this service is a Pro Trader called Mr. Ribakov.

Main Features:

· Detailed Trading Reports Twice a Day (Daily Market Reviews and Chart Illustrations)

· Live Trading Room (Social Trading Features)

· Webinars and Video Learning Tutorials

· Community Private Forums

· Downloads Area (80/20 Scripts, Harmonic Signals Indicators, etc.)

· 24/7 Support

· 97 USD annual subscription

» Traders Academy Club

Algorithmic Programs

Mr. Ribakov demonstrates to use his successful algorithmic trading programs:

  1. ForexTriple B 2.0
  2. sRs TrendRider 2.0
  3. Forex Crystal Ball
  4. Forex Gemini Code
  5. Forex Libra Code

Each trading software constantly scans the market for profitable trading setups based on years of historical data. Buy and sell recommendations are generated by these programs at any hour of the trading day, so you can trade virtually 24/5 with a proven edge when you use these programs. Simply put, by trading with Vladimir live, you will learn the best way and time to use each strategy and to truly become a master of the market. 

Daily Market Analysis

For every live webinar, you will receive a detailed analysis of all of the trading strategies that were used in that particular session and why they were used. These reports will guide you through the rest of the trading day.


How can a common trader evolve as a successful Forex trader?

According to Vladimir, there is no particular secret if you want to evolve as a successful Forex trader. Success requires high knowledge of how Forex Market really works but also very good information about upcoming market news and events. The Forex Signals & Traders Academy Club aims exactly to that direction and may help any trader understand basic mechanisms that move the world of Foreign Exchange plus to deliver daily market analysis and chart illustrations via the private trading forums. As concerns the signaling service, manual signals are generated on a daily basis and delivered via the member’s area and email alerts.

Answering any Question about Forex Trading

Any question of any member can be answered directly by Mr. Ribakov himself via the forum area or via Skype. Mr. Ribakov will share his experience and his market insights with all traders, every single day. Live Trading Room provides also the opportunity for any member to get Mr. Ribakov’s daily market analysis and chart illustrations.


Traders Academy Club FAQ

Traders Academy Club Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Can Use the Forex Signals & Traders Academy Club Signaling Service?

This Forex Signaling service can suit every trading profile. Education for Forex beginners and high accurate live signals for advanced Forex Traders. Members enjoy comprehensive guidance on Forex Trading plus a full access on educational webinars and video tutorials. In addition, any question regarding Forex Trading can be answered via the Private Forums or directly by Mr. Ribakov via Skype.

Can Forex traders automatically copy the live signals presented in the Live Trading Room?

Members get an email summary of all the Forex Signals and illustrations from the Live Trading Room. That means that these live signals and alerts can be traded manually not automatically.

Which Forex Currency Pairs Does this Service Trade?

The service is designed to trade all popular currency pairs and not only. It trades all Forex majors but also popular crosses and even sometimes you can find signals for minor Forex crosses such as the US Dollar against the South African Rand or the US Dollar against the Mexican Peso.

Does the service include Signals for other Assets than Forex?

Members of the Forex Signals & Traders Academy Club can get also live signals for popular metals such as Gold and Silver but also for Energy Assets (Crude Oil). Commodities are traded as well, for example, Soybean and Coffee. Finally, there are live signals for trading stocks and popular world indices.

Does a Trader Need Special Computer Equipment or Skills to take advantage of this Signaling Service?

Manual trading signals don’t require anything else than a common Forex Trading Account. Automated Forex Signals may generate the need for more advanced hardware solutions (for example a fast internet connection and a Forex VPS hosting service).

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