Type: Forex Trend Scanner / Signals Generator

Forex Signals: Manual Trade Signals

Interface: Autonomous Web Interface (based on cloud servers)

Price: $37 / every 3 months

Forex Trendy Review


Introduction -What is Forex Trendy?

The Forex Trendy is an automated Forex pattern scanner and a trade signaling machine. The application is powered by online software on outsourced servers. The system scans 34 Forex pairs within 1-minute to 1 month in order to identify tradable and profitable setups.

The Forex Trendy Website

Forex Trendy FeaturesForex Trendy Key Features

Here are the key features of the Forex Trendy:

(1) Forex Trendy is a cloud computing application that is designed to scan 34 Forex pairs and automatically recognize tradable patterns (Wedges, Flags, Trendlines, and Triangles)

(2) Includes a Trend Analyzer in 9 timeframes (updates live all graphs and charts)

(3) It provides charts and graphs to help traders understand the current market conditions. In addition, it warns against unreliable trade patterns

(4) Traders can set Forex scanner to monitor all markets without having to switch from one screen to another in order to find different chart patterns.

(5) It provides filter options (select timeframes and which Forex pairs to monitor)

(6) Alerts include print to windows alerts and email alerts. Traders get suggestions on where to place their take-profit orders

Forex Trendy Cloud Technology

The system uses the power of cloud computing (dedicated servers) to analyze demand/supply dynamics and to identify strong trends 24/5. As is uses outsourced servers, the whole process of analyzing financial data becomes faster.


Forex Trendy ManualsManuals and Customer Support

-There is a video tutorial showing the general functions of the system

-Manual with basic concepts

-Customer support via email

Positives of Forex Trendy Review


Positives of Forex Trendy Review

(√) Clear interface for identifying strong trends without prior experience in Forex trading

(√) Help traders to understand the real dynamics of Foreign Exchange Trading

(√) Based on cloud computing (servers settled in Florida, USA), Forex trendy doesn't require any set-up or installation

(√) It is able to recognize complicated patterns (Wedges, Flags, Trendlines, and Triangles)

(√) Real-time alerts about upcoming trades (email, pop-up)

(√) Customized Settings (select/deselect pairs or time frames from the auto analysis, etc.)

(√) Forex Trendy not only alerts traders on when to trade but also provides suggestions of where to set the take profit order

(√) 306 charts at once (34 pairs x 9 timeframes)

Negatives of Forex Trendy Review


Negatives of Forex Trendy Review

The negatives include:

(x) A stable internet is required in order to use the software

(x) No automated trading


Forex Trendy CostForex Trendy Membership Cost

Forex Trendy is a subscription service that costs $37 every 3 months. After completing registration, users get full access to the Forex Trendy's members area, where they can find trends and trade signals immediately.

→ $37 every 3 months

→ Get full online access immediately after registration

→ Payment methods include Paypal and Credit/Debit Cards

Forex Trendy Payment Methods

Forex Trendy Review Conclusions

Forex Trendy Review Conclusions

Forex Trendy is a cloud-based Forex scanner that can analyze automatically 34 pairs in 9 timeframes and detect profitable trades. The system can be used by beginners and semi-advanced traders with only $37 per quarter.

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