MT4 INDICATORProduct: XScalper

Type: M1/M5 Scalping Indicator by Karl Dittmann

Forex Signals: Manual Forex Signals

Interface: MetaTrader-4

Price: $147 (one-time fee and lifetime updates)

XScalper Review


Introduction -What is XScalper?

The XScalper is an easy-to-follow signaling machine based on an MT4 indicator. The system prints two dashed lines “1” and “2”.  These lines indicate that the market starts having momentum.

  • 1 line means good momentum
  • 2 dashed lines mean a very powerful momentum

The system operates in 3 modes, as follows:

  1. CONSERVATIVE MODE: A Few Signals, Normal Safety, High Trend Reversal Detection, and Optimal Low Risk
  2. MEDIUM MODE: Frequent Signals, Medium Safety, Average Trend Reversal Detection, and Fast Moderate Risk
  3. AGGRESSIVE MODEFrequent Signals, Low Safety, Low Trend Reversal Detection, and Maximum Risk

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XScalper FeaturesXScalper Key Features

Here are the key features of the XScalper MT4 Indicator:

(1) Trades any Forex pair on the M1 and M5 timeframes

(2) 3 modes (conservative, medium, and aggressive) and 2 visual confirmations

(3) XScalper generates BUY/SELL signals on your chart that don not repaint

(4) Alerts include audible alerts, print to windows alerts, SMS alerts, and email alerts

(5) You can start trading with as low as $100, but the developers of the system recommend $250 


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XScalper ManualsManuals and Customer Support

XSCAPER MT4 INDICATORXScalper includes a step-by-step guide using full of screenshots.

-30-page eBook (step-by-step tutorial)

-There are is also a video tutorial 

-Good and responsive customer support via email

Positives of XScalper Review


Positives of XScalper Review

(√) User-friendly system (visualized trade signals)

(√) XScalper can trade any Forex pair

(√) Performs scalping in short timeframes (M1, M5), and this means a great number of intraday signals

(√) Customize the frequency vs reliability of trading signals via 3 modes

(√) Applies 2 visual confirmations and No-Repaint

(√) Real-time alerts about upcoming trades (email, SMS, pop-up) 

(√) Good and responsive customer support (email)

Negatives of XScalper Review


Negatives of XScalper Review

The negatives include:

(x) The price ($147)

(x) No automated trading capabilities


XScalper CostXScalper Membership Cost

XScalper costs $147 (one-time fee), that price includes lifetime updates.

→ License for 1 trading account, and unlimited demo accounts

→ Lifetime updates

→ Payment methods include Paypal and Credit/Debit Cards

XScalper Payment Methods


XScalper Review Conclusions

XScalper Review Conclusions

XScalper is an easy-to-follow MT4 scalping indicator for the M1/M5 timeframes. Everything is visualized and that makes it very simple to follow short-term trends and to enter fast positions. It is nice that you can select between three (3) risk-modes to trade the market. Each mode balances the frequency versus the reliability and safety of trade signals. As this is an M1/M5 scalping indicator, we recommend using the conservative mode. In overall, XScalper is a nice scalping indicator for the average Forex trader. The responsive email service improves furthermore customer experience.

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